has just signed thepaperwork on her third investmentproperty on the outskirts of Melbournestarted my third investment propertyjust sign the paperwork for it she nowowes the bank more than a milliondollars   and I’m not really goodwith math all in my head but I’ve justover what one point to something likethat was that sound about rightaltogether yeah I’ll go downstairs we’reback in the sake of it thank you thankyou for your hard work i reallyappreciate april like Karen and WayneLiz Moss isn’t a big earner I don’treally want to just buy property for thesake of it I have to and the only reasonI’m putting everything into propertybecause it really is the only way for meto set something out for my future I’veworked in commission sales a lot and soI don’t have a lot of superannuationunless I have some sort of assets behindme by the time I retire I’m not going tohave anything just absolutely nothing tolive on because obviously pensions aregoing and all that sort of thingsalesman Bruce Lewis says out here he’sin undated with buyers buyers who heknows are stretching themselves to thelimit a lot of people will come in andgo the bank will give us this much andas a sales person I probably should saythat thanks very much but generally whatyou find yourself doing is going youshould maybe downsize allow for therainy day you know  income but thekids come in and they can whatever theycan borrow they’ll