herloan documents back she found somethingwasn’t right so what did you spot oh wespotted that my income had beenmassively inflated to what it normallyis there’s a line that says your monthlyincome it was correct for my husband’sand then for mine it was inflated byaround thirty eight percent she says shenever found out who changed the figureson her loan application what were theythinking trying this not just on anymember of the public that an ABCbusiness journalist its businessjournalist you have to think to yourselfwhat’s in the interest of theorganization or the institution to pumpthat up I’m on a pretty good salary soyou’ve only got to think to yourself arethey taking it from say a double a to atriple a rating ah is it more convenientfor them to have those sorts of figuresI don’t knowwhich is exactly what Lindsay david saysis going on if the banks show theinternational investment community thatthey’re lending to very very credibleborrowers creditworthy borrowers thenit’s very very easy for the banks to tapinto very cheap debt and to be able tosell residential mortgage-backedsecurities with a triple-a rating forone reason or another our politicians donot want to touch this acik does notwant to touch this and basically that isa serious problem because we know thatthe mortgage market in this country