iscontaminated with junk debt bankbehavior is now firmly in the spotlightthe government has restored more than million dollars of funding to thecorporate watchdog acik and the PrimeMinister has warned the banks to lifttheir game last year the bankingregulator APRA finally acted to rein inbank lending to investors limiting loansto eighty percent of a property’s valueand making it harder for people toqualify that change has undoubtedlyslowed the market down house prices inSydney have dropped for the secondstraight quarter Melbourne is stillrising but at just over one percent thisis the beginning of things calming whichis a good thing our feeling is that it’skind of too little too late there’s toomuch debt there’s too much exposurethere’s too much vulnerability we thinkitwhat we think the banks will be shakenby this yeah here’s what the GreatAustralian Dream looks like inĀ  thisis murder on the outskirts of Melbourneor what’s currently the outskirts ofMelbourne it’s aboutĀ  kilometers fromthe CBD but if you’re commuting it’smore like two hours in and two hoursback out again at peak hour and peopledo do it in the last five years themedian house price here has doubled it’snow more than four hundred thousanddollars and one of the things that’spush the prices up is because in theseouter growth suburbs people who arelooking to buy a home are more thananywhere else competing